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Established April 5, 2004, Teens of Tomorrow was created to provide the youth of today; a future for tomorrow, by enabling them to become leaders with a choice. With the increasing number of teens falling to crime and being caught up in the legal and penal systems across America, Teens of Tomorrow and its administration wants to reduce these numbers while increasing the number of individuals that will go on to become leaders in their communities. We have a growing need for mentors to assist in guiding our young people in a positive direction. 

Our Mentors are selected from area students and professionals that believe our youth deserve a chance at life. We are open to professionals that want to give back through service, college students that want to assist high-school student in their goals development and high school students that want to assist elementary students mark a path for success!

We have several visions that we are trying to implement into the community starting with basic educational assistance to becoming an entrepreneur and learning how to succeed in today's society. 

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