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Life today as we know it has changed and until we realize that and face the facts that we as a people have to come together on one accord we will continue to fall. Our family values were built on the principals of it takes a village to raise a child and now all you see is division and that goes back to the old saying of divide and conquer and that is exactly what is happening. We have to find a way to show the new generations exactly why the old system was put in place and how it works and that means they have to see it they aren't just going off of our words anymore, Facts speak for themselves and it also helps because it leaves no room for misinterpretation and or confusion.Please send as many people to our

 GoFund Mepage-

Too many times we get asked how can you help so we are making it even easier to for you to be a part of the solution and not just talk about the problems plaguing our society. We don't need more police on our streets right now unless we first address our young people who are lost and need some direction if not that is just fueling the fire of aggravation. We need more opportunity to move forward and get ahead. We need to show how we can work better together and how to conflict resolution can literally save lives. Our wrap around services that are available in the community have to be made more accessible to those who really need it. Our church's have to be more involved on the ground level and ready for the sick when they walk through their doors.

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